Feel more involved and updated with you555彩票网app客户端r child’s progress at school with the “Touch” of technology. ‘Touch’ provides an easy app interface for students and parents; and a web based interface for management and teachers. It is so easy to use that one can get started in few minutes.
Safe and secure, Touch is packed with an array of interactive features like Announcements, 555彩票网app客户端work, Wall, Quiz, Calendar, Timetable, Polls and Attendance.


  • School teachers can keep in live touch with students and parents
  • 555彩票网app客户端work, announcements... all can be shared with just a click
  • One-way communication between teachers and each student
  • Parents can know all important details about their child on their phone

‘Touch’ is with you555彩票网app客户端 everywhere you555彩票网app客户端 go! It works on both computer AND mobile.
Download the app and stay connected!