We all have faced situations where mathematics has become mundane and boring to learn.

Children these days have been equipped with devices that make calculations easier and quicker, but what if not for these devices?
Like always, mathematics has been a very important subject and its significance is unquestionable.

What if there was a book that regained you555彩票网app客户端r child’s interest in mathematics?
Yes, we have one for you555彩票网app客户端.

The “Magical Math Adventure” is a book that lets kids learn calculations through discoveries and explorations. With 10 different themes and 2 magical glasses, the kids learn to add and subtract while on this fun journey, right from going down under the water to counting stars up in the galaxy. There are a whopping 150 equations for kids to solve numbers up-to 20.

This book is an innovative approach that blends hands-on activity and math for age 4+ years. So let you555彩票网app客户端r child have fun with fundamentals on a trip down the adventure land.